About Us

Pieces to Remember

Alaala believes that memory is embedded in clothing. Every seam is a product of the hard labor of sewers; every outfit is birthed from the vision of designers. Their identities are then entrusted to the user, who in turn, cherish the garment. Our products are unique styles to share with friends, attires for glamorous events, and meaningful gifts for loved ones.

Our brand centers on timeless, sophisticated styles that will be engrained in memory. Pieces are limited in number to avoid surplus waste and to ensure that every design is special and unique. We try our best to source locally-made and sustainable fabrics and materials. We also accept custom-made clothing for clients with specific requests to ensure that they can put their best foot forward for special occasions.

Alaala advocates for people to connect and create experiences with each other through clothing as an expression of identity. Alaala products are new memories waiting to be made.